Wellem Four-Year Establishment's Social Welfare Month

In November 2018, Wellem was four years old. From the development of 1 clinic in 2014 to the scale of 16 clinics in China (3 are under construction). We are growing and developing rapidly. In 2017, Wellem won the most potential startup company in Entrepreneur Black Horse's ranking and Top 100. In 2018, we won the Best Specialist Clinic for Primary Care Innovation, White Collar Health Alliance Quality Medical Organization and other honorary titles. These honours are hard-won, they are the result of Wellem team's efforts, and great support and help from all walks of life. To this end, we hope that there will be more opportunities to contribute to the community.

On this December, Wellem will carry out a large-scale event of "Love, Let the Lonely Stars Shine - Only Children's Love Charity Month".

One of the activities is “Love Greetings and Charity Book Donations” for children with autism in Shanghai Rainbow Rain Autism Institution. The theme of the event highlights that“We are together, there is love in the world and you are not alone". Then the Ambassadors will participate in witnessing the love and charity of Wellem.

Dedicating love, caring for children with autism. Let's take action! Let's get together, and tell everyone: love is in the world.