Brand Story

Originated form America, Wellem brought the American medical concept to China with years of international medical experiences. We follow the principle of evidence-based medicine and advocate preventive health care without overtreatment.

To build a health care system suitable for  Chinese people, the medical team of Wellem is made up of senior pediatricians from four major pediatric hospitals and grade 3A hospitals in China and foreign countries. This makes it possible to apply American private medical concept according to local conditions and make it more suitable for domestic families.

Wellem focuses on doctor-patient interaction, and wants to keep perfect relationship with the patients. It also pays attention to the concept of family doctor, not only to cure diseases, but also to deliver care and company.

Besides, the interaction between Wellem and every family does not stop at the clinic. Its independently developed online cloud system holds the capacity in analyzing the data of members in real time, at the same time connecting doctors and families via an advanced network.

This is Wellem which is committed to bringing American advanced medical concept and management expertise into China.

We offer high quality disease diagnosis, personalized treatment and health service for children from zero to eighteen years old.

We provide children with comfortable and secure medical environment without cross infection, and superior medical experience service.

We build long-term, mutually trusted and concerned doctor-patient relationships between kids and parents.

Wellem is a sentient pediatric clinic and health guardian that worths your trust.